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Do not snatch with me !This pair of shoes has my name

Datetime: 2018-11-30    Visit: 230

 I've been fascinated with shoes with polyurethane soles lately.

It not only has good warmth retention, but also is lightweight and wear-resistant.

Compared with ordinary outsoles

Its wear resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-static aspects
Great improvements have been made.

Not only has strong wear resistance.
And fashion and cool.
Don't want to take it off if you put it on
Almost want to wrote own name on the shoes.

It's so heartbeat.
Would you like to know more about it?


Design of socks top line
The Visual Sense of Fake Two Pieces

Lightweight and wear-resistant outsole



Relatively conservative colour-impact sneakers

Match a pair of fashionable socks

Anti-skid outsole design

"Are you afraid of heavy rain?"

No, I'm not afraid.



Pure color with simple English letters
Use breathable materials
it's a good companion for sports