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Wearing warm snow boots,can also show leg length

Datetime: 2018-12-08    Visit: 193

A group of new social groups emerged recently,called middle-aged girl.

Although they are young girls.But living the daily life like middle-aged people.

Don't forget to wear autumn trousers, don't hate down clothes,

the most important thing is to keep warm.

Of course, snow boots are indispensable for winter warming

Although compared with Chelsea boots and Martin boots, it's not very fashion.
But when it's freezing, or you want to change the style of your shoes
Snow boots are a good choice.

But you're bound to have this kind of trouble.
Put on snow boots, how can legs become inexplicably shorter and thicker?
Actually, the key point is collocation, don't believe you look down.


LOOK 1:Snow boots + homochrome pants

Whether you're wearing tights or slacks
Just put on the same color snow boots
Invisibly increase leg length and elongate leg proportions


LOOK 2:Snow boots+Jeans

Want to be a cool girl
Try snowboots and jeans
This kind of collocation must pay attention to raising the waist line.
Put your jacket in your trousers and put on your short jacket.
The golden ratio of the whole figure is showed